Greener Parking is just a step away

Greener Parking. The time has come. TransCore's RFID-based AVI parking solutions will rock your eco-world.

Green Facts

Every 1000 pounds of CO2
  • is the same as burning 51 gallons of gasoline
  • is like consuming 1 barrel of oil
  • is like using 18.9 propane tanks at a BBQ
Weekday Operation
Multiple in and out transactions per day (optional)
Weekend operation (optional)
Seasonality factor (optional)
If high season duration equals 12 months enter 100%.

Not sure? Use 14 seconds for Prox cards or card insertion. This includes time to find/locate the card, present the card and to open the gate, then pass through. 14 seconds is an audited measurement at a high transaction volume facility at peak times.


Annual Environmental Results
Annual Environmental Results
Current Carbon ConsumptionEstimated Consumption
w/TransCore AVI
Savings with TransCore
Idle hours hours hours idle hours saved
CO2 produced lbs. CO2 lbs. CO2 lbs. of CO2 eliminated
Equivalent miles miles miles fewer equivalent miles
Annual Financial Results
Price per gallon of fuel - Calculation fixed at USD $3.69
Gallons of wasted fuel idling - Facility
Dollars expended idling - Facility
Gallons of wasted fuel idling - Per Vehicle
Dollars expended idling - Per Vehicle
Disclaimer: Application results may vary. Please consult your TransCore representative for further review.
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