Greener Parking is just a step away

Greener Parking. The time has come. TransCore's RFID-based AVI parking solutions will rock your eco-world.

Green Facts

Every 1000 pounds of CO2
  • is the same as burning 51 gallons of gasoline
  • is like consuming 1 barrel of oil
  • is like using 18.9 propane tanks at a BBQ

Not sure? Use 14 seconds for Prox cards or card insertion. This includes time to find/locate the card, present the card and to open the gate, then pass through. 14 seconds is an audited measurement at a high transaction volume facility at peak times.


Annual Environmental Results

Current Carbon ConsumptionEstimated Consumption
w/TransCore AVI
Savings with TransCore
Idle hours hours hours idle hours saved
CO2 produced lbs. CO2 lbs. CO2 lbs. of CO2 eliminated
Equivalent miles miles miles fewer equivalent miles

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