Project Profile

San Jose Fire Department

Award-winning Centralized Emergency Vehicle Preemption

The San Jose Fire Department needed to improve response times at its intersections or risk losing millions in funding. So, in 2016, Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) equipment was installed at 300 intersections – about 1/3 of all intersections. But traditional EVP requires new equipment at every intersection, which is costly and time consuming to deploy. Each intersection would cost $15,000, for a total of $9 million. TransCore had a better solution. By leveraging the City’s existing emergency response infrastructure and software, San Jose could centralize and streamline the EVP process. This would eliminate the need for equipment at each intersection; channel requests directly to the Traffic Management Center, and clear the signal light at the Traffic Signal Controller. The total cost of the Centralized EVP: only $700,000 – 1/10th of the cost of Traditional EVP. In 2019, The city of San Jose wan an IDC Smart Cities Award for this innovative Emergency Vehicle Preemption program.