Homeland Security

Military bases, border crossings, government facilities, nuclear and chemical facilities, and oil refineries require a level of accuracy and reliability that RFID technology ensures. TransCore’s access and control security solutions provide protection while improving traffic flow by using automation tools to expedite the identification of pre-approved or low risk vehicles, cargo, and passengers. Our RFID systems integrate seamlessly with biometrics, encryption, and video identification technologies. TransCore security solutions:

  • Electronically identify tagged vehicles and cargo
  • Speed border crossings of low risk, pre-approved vehicles
  • Matches vehicle, driver, and approved passengers.

Homeland security is paramount to protecting our nation’s borders.  From tracking freight that travels on US highways and railways to securing airports and critical facilities, TransCore intelligent transportation system (ITS) technologies enhance public safety in several key ways:

  • Automate data collection, transmission, and storage
  • Blend automatic with manual response to changing threat levels
  • Reduce congestion at border crossings
  • Provide critical information and chain-of-custody of shipments
  • Enhance site access control at secure facilities

TransCore’s SmartWatch systems have been in place for decades, bolstering security while increasing efficiencies, worldwide.