Congestion Pricing Solutions

First-of-its-kind congestion pricing program in North America

TransCore’s industry-leading congestion pricing system is being deployed in Lower Manhattan’s Central Business District (CBD) to facilitate improved traffic flow, more predictable travel time, reduced carbon emissions, and the recurring revenue necessary to improve public transportation infrastructure in the region.

In 2018, New York City ranked fourth-worst among U.S. cities in terms of traffic congestion, and as the region’s largest employment center and economic hub, Manhattan’s CBD supports a large share of that congestion. To improve mobility, MTA Bridges and Tunnels (TBTA) is reforming transportation in New York City by introducing a congestion pricing program aimed at reducing congestion and creating sustainable revenue to fund bus and rail transit infrastructure. The goal of reduced congestion is to improve quality of life and better meet transportation needs for residents and visitors.


Vehicles per day enter Manhattan south of 60th street

62+ Million

Tourists visit the CBD annually

7 mph

Average speed of taxis in Manhattan’s CBD

133 hours

Average amount of time New Yorkers lose annually in traffic

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Overhead digital technology provides license plate recognition and image-based vehicle detection and classification without the need for in-ground sensors.

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Hardware is specifically engineered to hide in plain sight and leverage the existing infrastructure to blend into the landscape.

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Solution is configurable to support diverse business rules, such as discounts, exemptions, alternate billing methods, and pricing models for dynamic, variable or dwell time trips.

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System generates recurring revenue for needed capital investment in public transportation improvements and maintenance.

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Designed to reduce traffic congestion and, therefore, vehicle emissions in the CBD, while also providing capital investment in public transportation infrastructure.

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Operations software provides end-to-end ability to audit and manage data analytics for vehicle detection, transactions and trip formation.