Infinity Express

Actively managing congestion in more than 600 miles of express lanes

Deploying dynamically-priced express lanes since 1997

TransCore designed and implemented the nation’s first express lane system managed by dynamic pricing. In the decades since, express lanes have become more prevalent throughout the United States as agencies seek to improve mobility and maximize existing infrastructure capacity.  Today, TransCore toll systems manage the vast majority of express lanes in operation across the nation, including those throughout California, Utah, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia and Florida.

Lane Hardware

Infinity Express utilizes the proven Infinity Digital Lane System hardware and system architecture.

Express Lane Trip Pricing

Infinity Express dynamically calculates toll rates based on real-time traffic congestion or time-of-day operations.


The Toll Management Console allows users to monitor complete toll system operations in real-time.

Traffic Management

Infinity Express is architected to seamlessly integrate with traffic management systems.

Video Tolling & Enforcement

High-resolution, stereoscopic, fully redundant color license plate capture system.

Vehicle Detection & Classification

Infinity Express utilizes in-pavement and/or overhead sensors to provide accurate vehicle detection and classification.