Adaptive Traffic Management System

Proven, Global Performance

The most proven adaptive system on the market, SCATS® optimizes cycle length, splits, and offsets on a cycle-by-cycle basis and using real-time detection.  In the US, several independent studies have shown that based on reduced emissions alone, system payback is achieved within 12 months of installation.  SCATS offers robust features that enable it to work with detection technologies, support multiple controller hardware platforms, and provide intersection error monitoring, and tools and reports.



Allows for better control of unpredictable traffic patterns. Events can change from one day to another, so SCATS provides the ability to accommodate variations without manual intervention.

Real-time Information

SCATS provides real-time information for both advanced operations and maintenance monitoring. This includes detection, timing, saturation, status, communication, and coordination information.

Real-time Alarm Monitoring

A highly intuitive detection alarm monitoring can specify the exact lane with the detection issue, and whether that issue is a constant call or chattering detector.