Integrity Back Office Solution

Trusted by Toll Operators Since 1989

Actively operating 10 Customer Service Centers

Our Integrity Back Office Solution incorporates decades of business logic and operational needs specific to and required in the toll industry.  Integrity’s design reduces operational costs and enhances the end user’s experience through an efficiently designed graphical user interface for account management, image review, and financial accounting functionality.

Fully-Integrated Accounting

Integrity’s feature-rich, comprehensive accounting module is a proven tool that accurately records and presents a toll system’s financial picture at any point in time.

Dynamic Business Rules

Integrity’s configuration module allows agency users to readily modify anything from toll rate structures to account types without programming or code changes.  Integrity’s  integrated Rule Manager enables complex business rule modifications to now be made in less than a week rather than months.

Business Intelligence

By having a robust, responsive, and accurate reporting system, up-to-date operational information is readily available to monitor and analyze operations, optimize efficiencies, and ultimately, ensure customer service is continually refined.