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Optimizing System Performance Since 1939

System maintenance has been a core component of TransCore’s service offering since our founding in 1939. Today, TransCore maintenance teams are an efficient blend of traditional field service technicians, engineers, systems analysts, and innovative technology to ensure our toll systems continuously perform at peak levels. Our unique Maintenance Monitoring Center (MMC) supports our local teams by remotely tracking comprehensive system performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Powerful system monitoring tools enable MMC and local staff to remotely adjust and fine-tune system performance, which significantly reduces onsite response and optimizes system availability.  Another integral tool is our robust Maintenance Online Management System (MOMS) product, Insight, which our maintenance teams utilize via the web or mobile app to track and respond to equipment issues from start to resolution.  Insight automatically opens work orders, selects the proper priority levels, and assigns the work order to appropriate staff, while fully tracking and reporting every work order through completion.  Simply put, our approach to system maintenance provides our partnering agencies with the most comprehensive system maintenance program available in the industry.

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