Infinity Digital Lane System

The Toll Industry’s Most Accurate Solution

Our customers agree: Infinity is the most advanced, proven, and readily deployable toll collection system available in the marketplace.

TransCore toll systems are designed to maximize revenue collection for our customers through highly accurate products and efficient operations. In an ever-changing industry, these foundational tenets are a leading reason why TransCore systems remain the preferred revenue collection and management technology of toll agencies. Today, 8 out of the 10 largest toll agencies in the United States utilize TransCore toll collection systems for every type of tolling operation: cash, ticket-based, mixed-mode, open-road, all-electronic and express lanes.

Lane System

The Infinity Digital Lane System features a blade-based, fully redundant lane server architecture.

Video Tolling & Enforcement

High-resolution, stereoscopic, fully redundant color license plate capture system.

Toll Operations

The Toll Management Console allows users to monitor complete toll system operations in real-time.

Axle-based Classification

An all-digital, axle-based, in-pavement vehicle classification system.

Overhead Vehicle Profiling

An all-digital, profile-based, overhead vehicle classification system.

Cash Operations

Cash management and operational tools to manage all cash handling, employee and lane activities.