Having installed the first automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system at Los Angeles International Airport in 1989, TransCore remains the world leader in RFID-based AVI technology. To meet a complicated array of needs, including ground transportation management, air quality control,  and revenue collection, TransCore’s services provide the most comprehensive solution in the industry. With nearly 30 years of proven experience in airports across the globe, our clients benefit from:

  • Non-stop, hands-free revenue collection with automatic billing
  • Seamless interoperability with vehicles already in the field
  • Increased fleet visibility and dispatch capabilities
  • Improved traffic flow and reduced carbon emissions
  • Accurate, auditable data for billing, management, and operations.

When integrated with Ground Transportation Management Systems, AVI can monitor, track,  and manage commercial vehicle operations and improve landside operations, reduce pollution and congestion, and generate a consistent revenue stream through usage fee collection.  Our regional interoperability approach, integrating AVI transponders from regional toll authorities into airport landside operations, can be seamlessly incorporated into non-traditional transportation providers such as ride-sharing partners or Transportation Network Companies.