Parking & Access Control

TransCore’s time-tested automatic vehicle identification (AVI) solutions are used in parking facilities, medical centers, college campuses, business parks, and gated communities across the globe.  Our wireless, RFID-based system ensures the highest level of security, while providing hands-free convenience and sustainability.  Our environmentally-friendly, battery-free tags require less petroleum-based raw material to manufacture, resulting in a lower total carbon footprint.  How green is your parking?

Commercial & Municipal Parking

Parking facility administrators who charge patrons by the hour, day, or month can automate parking fee administration, improve throughput, and enhance customer convenience with TransCore AVI technology.  Windshield-mounted tags provide more efficient access to than prox- or mag-stripe cards, and works seamlessly for all patrons:  monthly or contract parkers, event parkers, and VIPs.  Installations include:

  • City of Buffalo – Buffalo, New York
  • City of Greenville – Greenville, South Carolina
  • City of Los Angeles – LA, California
  • City of Winnipeg – Manitoba, Canada
  • Metropolitan Parking Services – Detroit, Michigan
  • Larimar Square – Denver, Colorado
  • Georgia State Capitol – Atlanta, Georgia
Corporate & Business Campus Parking

TransCore’s AVI technology provides employees a secure environment and convenient accessibility.  Parking facility administrators at corporate and business campuses can dedicate specific parking areas for staff, separate from visitor and delivery vehicles.  Employees can enter and exit more efficiently, and non-staff traffic can be monitored to increase safety and improve throughput.  TransCore systems can also be seamlessly integrated with existing access control and facility management software, as well as operations systems.  Installations include:

  • AT&T Performing Arts School & Entertainment – Dallas, Texas
  • Bank of America Headquarters – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Scana Energy – Columbus, South Carolina
  • Mary Kay, Inc. – Dallas, Texas
  • John Hancock Building – Boston, Massachusetts
  • The Coca Cola Company – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Shell Oil Company – Houston, Texas

With TransCore’s SmartPass®, we get the best of both worlds – high security and great convenience.  We can now provide seamless, virtually invisible access control and security to more than 1,200 employees.  By integrating SmartPass with our security system, employees parking in high-security areas now have a garage elevator waiting for them when they step out of their vehicles.”  – Bill Besse, Director of Protective Services – Mary Kay, Inc.

Hospital & Medical Centers Parking

Hospitals and medical centers present unique, operational challenges for parking facility administrators, including varied parking and access areas for several types of patrons:  doctors, administration/staff, and visitors.  TransCore’s scalable AVI technology provides the highest level of vehicle security and access control regardless of facility size.  And our hand-held reader solution offers additional enforcement capabilities.  Installations include:

  • John D. Dingell Veterans Administration Medical Center – Detroit, Michigan
  • Joseph’s Regional Medical Center – Paterson, New Jersey
  • Swedish Covenant Hospital – Chicago, Illinois
  • Cleveland Clinic – Cleveland, Ohio
  • LSU Medical Center – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Texas Children’s Hospital – Houston, Texas

The TransCore system is a tremendous asset to our parking system.  Our parkers could never go back to a card wipe system. They are too spoiled by the convenience of AVI.Antonio Casas, Director of Parking – LSU Health Sciences Center.

College & University Parking

University and college campuses have unique parking challenges with multiple types of facilities, numerous entry/exit points, and separate areas for students, faculty, and staff – all in a limited area of space.  TransCore’s AVI technology manages each of these needs while also enhancing security, improving throughput during peak hours, and regulating premium and restrictive parking.  Installations include:

  • University of Georgia
  • University of Michigan
  • California University of Pennsylvania
  • Harvard University
  • Texas A&M University
  • Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • Boston College

The TransCore system has enabled system growth while maintaining our commitment to enhancing convenience, throughput, and security.”  – Peter Lange, Executive Director, Transportation Services – Texas A&M

Gated Communities Access Control

Managers of gated communities know that residents want the security and comfort of an AVI system that protects people, homes, property, and vehicles within the community.  Gated, controlled access prevents unwelcome people from entering, and allows residents to enter their communities without having to stop and roll down their car windows.  Installations include:

  • Eagle’s Landing Golf & Country Club – Stockbridge, Georgia
  • Starwood – Frisco, Texas
  • Palmas del Mar – Humacao, Puerto Rico
  • Gulf Harbor Country Club – Fort Myers, Florida
  • Desert Mountain – Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Sea Island – Georgia
  • Muirfield Village Golf Club – Dublin, Ohio
  • Fisher Island – Miami, Florida