Project Profile

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 3

I‐10 / I‐110 Design/Build, Operate/Maintain Program

TransCore provided turnkey design, installation, operations, and maintenance services for a freeway management system and Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) for FDOT District 3. Spanning over 40 miles along Interstate 10 and 110 around Pensacola, Florida, the system provides roadside instrumentation for full traffic management and weather information.  The system communicates with the RTMC across a fiber optic backbone with supplemental wireless communication infrastructure.  The base system deployed 12 dynamic message signs, 40 CCTV cameras, 88 microwave vehicle detectors, and 1 road weather information station, plus full build-out of the RTMC and video wall. After system deployment was completed, TransCore began providing long-term system operations, maintenance, and Road Ranger Service Patrols.  TransCore provides full-service, performance-based maintenance and operations services, 24×7 road ranger service patrols for all 42 miles of the project, and call center support and coordination between FDOT and the Florida Highway Patrol.  For every full year under the O&M portion of the contract, TransCore has maintained a total system uptime performance of 99.8% or more, exceeding the Department’s established 95% benchmark.