TransCore Awarded Texas Department of Transportation’s Statewide Toll System Integration and Maintenance Contract

HARRISBURG, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) awards TransCore, a unit of Roper Industries (NYSE: ROP), the Texas statewide toll systems integration and maintenance contract following a competitive procurement. TransCore was selected based upon an evaluation of proposed solution, technology, qualifications, and price and now becomes TxDOT’s toll lane technology provider throughout the state of Texas.

The contract is to develop, install, integrate, test, and maintain all of TxDOT’s new open road tolling (ORT) and cash collection systems deployed throughout the state and maintain all existing ORT and cash collection lanes currently in operation. A key aspect of the proposed solution includes integrating all existing lane technology installed by the previous system integrator with TransCore’s technology. The approach allows TxDOT to seamlessly transition to TransCore as its toll lane technology and maintenance provider. The end result will be a highly robust and efficient toll collection system that promotes statewide interoperability and reduces long-term operational costs through efficient maintenance processes and highly proven and technologically advanced toll products.

“TransCore’s experience in Texas, deploying the nation’s first electronic toll collection system in Dallas as well as supporting Austin and Houston’s growing network of toll roads, includes a statewide footprint of more than 300 toll collection engineers, technical experts, software developers, and technicians. This provides TxDOT the ability to bridge the past with the present and build for the future,” explained John Simler, president of TransCore.

“TransCore’s toll collection products are the most technologically advanced in the industry and this selection is a strong testament to the long-term benefits and reduced risks associated with selecting TransCore and our technology.”

TransCore currently oversees the maintenance and operations of more than 30 individual toll collection systems across the country, making it the largest single provider of toll maintenance services in the United States. TransCore’s expertise in toll maintenance covers all technologies required for TxDOT, including coin machines, radio frequency identification (RFID), vehicle classification systems, overhead scanners, manual toll collection equipment, and complete system administration and maintenance for back office systems and servers.

About TransCore

TransCore’s 75-year heritage supporting the transportation industry spans the development of RFID transportation applications at Los Alamos National Labs to implementation of the nation’s first electronic toll collection system. The breadth of the company’s expertise includes traffic management systems, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), systems integration, design consulting, operations, maintenance, RFID manufacturing, and extensive Web-based logistics systems.

TransCore has installations in 46 countries and a vast portfolio of intellectual property. In 2012, Engineering News-Record (ENR) ranked TransCore No. 140 out of the Top 500 Design Firms. Also in June of this year, TransCore and industry leading team members were honored to receive the most Outstanding ITS Project of the year by ITS New York for Manhattan’s Midtown in Motion.

TransCore is based in Harrisburg, Pa., and is a U.S. owned and operated company. TransCore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roper Industries, a Standard and Poor’s S&P 500 index company.